Andy Lau – 最後妳也走了 – Zhui Hou Ni Ye Zhou Le – Lyrics and Translation

Like most Hong Kong movies in the 90s, the script of The Prince of Temple Street turned to crap half way through the movie. But it did leave behind a decent song and some wonderful images. A young Andy Lau and Joey Wong made a pretty nice on screen couple as well 🙂

In the End … You Left as Well

凝泪盖住了视觉 而思绪带来了动荡
Ying leoi goi ju liu si gok, yi si seung dai loi liu dung dong
Condesation from the tears covered my sight, and the mind brought only turmoil

zik mok zoi mou dung cam zim fun lok
Loneliness is dancing, invading happiness

怀疑她于身边 彷徨将心寄托
waai yi ta yu san bin, pong wong zoeng sam gei tok
Suspicion beside me, Hesistation brings a stillness to the heart

yin hau zoi fat gok ta zou yi si waan gok
In the end, I realized that she has long been an illusion.

明白妳让我付托 怜惜我爱情已没落
ming baak ni yueng ngo fu tok, lien sik ngo oi cing yi mut lok
I understand that you trusted me, it’s a pity that my love has waned

尽量地替代 给我欢乐
zeon loeng dei tai doi, kap ngo fun lok
Have to try a little harder to replace my happiness

然而她的影子 仍无声牵引我
yin yi taa dik ying zi, ying mou sing hin yan ngo
However, her shadow silently dragged me along

Mou lun ni zoi ci dou baat go si wan gok
Whether you see similarities or not, they’re all illusions.

前事至今并未忘记 如刀锋心里乱割
Cin si zi gam bing mei mong gei, yu dou feng sam lei luen po
Events of the past I still haven’t forgotten, like a blade cutting at my heart

愿妳抽身归去吧 毋要我欠太多
yuen ni cau san gwai heoi baa, mu yiu ngo hien tai do
I want you to turn around, don’t let me owe too much

mun noi hon zoek ni bun na ying yi dong hueng yi sing zong piu bok
Watching your profile at the door, it’s drifting away in the sound of the rain

zoi ni siu saat yi hau gaan laang mok
After you left, the rain became more cold and indifferent






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