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  • Shanghai, Disneyland Trip

    Shanghai, Disneyland Trip

    Previous Post: Your mom and I couldn’t decide if we wanted to go to Zhuhai for some warm weather or to Shanghai for a visit to Disneyland. Since we haven’t been able to travel for such a long time (because of the pandemic), we decided to do both! The flight from Zhuhai to Shanghai […]

  • Chimelong, Zhuhai Trip

    Chimelong, Zhuhai Trip

    In January of 2023, your mom and I decided to celebrate the New Year by taking you two to Disneyland in Shanghai. After three long years of the Covid19 pandemic, the government of China finally lifted travel restrictions. So everyone was excited to be able to travel again! First, we would go to Zhuhai for […]

  • Memories of Lunar New Years Past

    Memories of Lunar New Years Past

    I will tell you about my experiences with the Chinese New Year while growing up in Vietnam. Even though we are Chinese, both of my parents were born in Vietnam. My grandparents were from southern China and immigrated to Vietnam in the late 50s. My memories growing up were of poor but simpler times, filled […]