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  • Teaching English, part 2, tips and tricks

    Teaching English, part 2, tips and tricks

    < Read part 1 of my teaching adventures Kids are harder to teach than adults.  Their attention spans are shorter, they are not very obedient, and often times they’re forced to be there by their parents to sit in a dreary classroom instead of playing outside with their friends.  It is one of the toughest…

  • Teaching English to Chinese kids

    Teaching English to Chinese kids

    I thought teaching English would be easy. Holy Cheesestick it’s harder than trying to put a sweater on a wild panda! At least that’s how I feel after the recent stint at the J Plus English school and the tutoring lessons I’ve done here in Xi’an. Kids are like monsters on little legs! Granted, I’ve…

  • Farewell Rackspace

    Farewell Rackspace

    To my most affectionate Rackers, April 1st is my last day at Rackspace.  It has been quite a journey this past 8 years growing and sharing experiences with you all.  We’ve laughed together and danced together and sweat through rough times together.  We’ve labored through long days and toiled through late nights and built digital…

  • Why I Want to Teach English in China

    Why I Want to Teach English in China

    This was the letter I wrote to the academy in China where I will teach English for 6 months starting in September.  The interview process took a few weeks over several Skype sessions, and I officially accepted their contract today.  I’m so excited!  But if you’re curious to know why I’m quitting a well paying…

  • I Took the Strength Finder Test Twice

    I Took the Strength Finder Test Twice

    The company I work for have stacks and stacks of the Gallup Press’s Strengths Finder books.  Everyone that work for us have to take the test to find their top 5 strengths.  New recruits will have a print out of their strengths by the end of the orientation process, to be taken to their cubicles…

  • Nostalgic Blacksburg

    Nostalgic Blacksburg

    I made this video in the winter of ’09 before I left Blacksburg for Austin.   It’s only been a year, but those days seem so long ago.  I miss everyone there, thanks for being a part of my cherished memories. On a side note … I figured out to convert a video to flash…

  • A Tour of Castle

    A Tour of Castle

    Here is an unofficial, hacked up tour of the Rackspace office in San Antonio, which we lovingly named “Castle” after its predecessor, the Windsor Park Mall. It has been mentioned before, but worth mentioning again: Rackspace is all about substance over flash.  Instead of spending a crapload of money building a new campus from the…

  • Birthday Pranks at the Blacksburg Office

    Birthday Pranks at the Blacksburg Office

    This is both a testament to the creativity of my fellow Rackspace co-workers, and the amount of free time they have at work.  In either case, these are exercises in love and compassion for each other …in the let-me-pull-your-hair-because-I-like-you kind of way.