Nicholas Tse – Fei Jau Bat Ho – Lyrics and Translations

I think Nicholas Tse is a good looking guy, charismatic, and a decent actor in certain roles. But I think his singing is just so-so. Sadly, the wifey loves him and wants me to learn his songs for KTV sessions.  That’s how I spent an afternoon translating the lyrics to this okay song.

谢霆锋 – 非走不可
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung – Fei Jau Bat Ho (Must Run Away!)

不舍得伤心 伤心怎将你抱起
bat se dac seung sam, seung sam jam jeung ni pou hei
Not willing to be sad, how can sadness pick you up

不舍得开心 留来给你欢喜
bat se dat hoi sam, lau loi kap ni fun hei
Not willing to be happy, I’m leaving the happiness to you

以为斜阳定会昇起 会令奇迹感染你
yi wai che yeung ding wuih sing hi, wuih ling kei jik gam yim ni
I thought the setting sun will rise up to infect you with miracles

差点为甚么呼吸都忘记 也不舍弃
cha diem wai sam mo fu kap dou mong gei, ya bat se hei
I almost forgot why I should breath, but I still won’t give up.

装饰的鲜花 一般都不会结果
zhong sik dik sin fa, yat bun dou bat wui git gwo
Freshly decorated flowers, generally still will not have good endings

休克的躯体 仍能给你生火
yau hak dik keoi tai, ying nang kap nei sang fo
The unconscious body can still light a fire for you.

我用残余力气抚摸 证实你转身擦过
ngo yong san yu lik hi fu mo, jing sat ni jeuhn san chat guo
I am trying to use the last of my strenght to touch you, but actually you have already passed by

将生命承担不起的难过 放手给我
jeung sang ming sing dam bat hei dik nan guo, fong sau kap ngo
The difficulties of life that you can’t handle, let go of them, give to me.

也许相恋这条路 挤迫的怀抱
ya hui seung luehn je tiu lu, sai bik dik wai pu
Maybe this road of love, this overbearing embrace

bat gau yeung ngo gou paan jun noi choi sat dou
Are not enough to rise to your standards, so I fall

踏上分手这条路 才令我突然看到
dap seung fan sau je tiu lu, coi ling ngo dat yin hon dou
After going on this road of breakups, it suddenly caused to me see

你的天空宇宙只够我流泪 不可跳舞
ni dik tien hung yu jau ji gau ngo lau lui, bat ho tiu mou
Your universe can only make me cry.  I can no longer dance.

回头路窄 然而肉眼总找得到
wui tau lu jak, ying yi yuk ngan zung jao dak dou
The way back is narrow, but the naked eye can always find it

yiu jau dak bi ni jou
I have to leave earlier than you






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