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Your mom and I couldn’t decide if we wanted to go to Zhuhai for some warm weather or to Shanghai for a visit to Disneyland. Since we haven’t been able to travel for such a long time (because of the pandemic), we decided to do both! The flight from Zhuhai to Shanghai was only two and a half hours long, and the Marriott hotel was only thirty minutes away from the airport.

Shanghai, on the east coast of China, is one of the biggest cities in the world.

After a night’s rest, we headed off to Disneyland at 8 am (the doors opened at 8:30). We thought we would be the first in line, but there were already huge crowds waiting when we got there.

Disneyland in Shanghai is the biggest Disneyland in the world at this time. Mom and I have done some planning, such as which shows we should try to catch and which rides we should try to ride. After renting two strollers, we headed straight to Fantasy Land toward the Seven Dwarves Mine Carts.

Map of the Shanghai Disneyland

Dad planned to wait in line for 90 minutes while you two and Mom went to explore the Alice In Wonderland Maze that was next to it. But halfway through the line, the staff girl told Dad we needed everyone there to go any further, so I had to call you back to wait in line with me. The final wait was close to 2 hours long! But the 3 minutes ride was worth it because that was the first rollercoaster ride the both of you have ever been on. Edison loved it!

We stayed at Disneyland from 8:30am to 9pm that day! Your favorite shows were Frozen Sing-Along and Mickey and Friends Storybook Adventures. Edison’s favorite rides were the Seven Dwarves Mine Carts and Pirates of the Caribbean Sunken Treasure rides. Those rides were too scary for Ada, she did not like them, but she loved the large Fantasia Carousel ride! She also loved seeing all the princesses in the parades. We watched the fireworks while waiting in line for the carousel, and fireworks were still going off when mom and dad carried you all to the bus stop for the ride back to the hotel.

The hotel and Disneyland were far away from Shanghai’s central city area. The next day, your mom and I decided we would move to a hotel closer to the city center to explore some of Shanghai. We packed our bags, checked out of the Marriott, and headed to the Kempinski hotel next to the Huangpu river.

They gave us a room on the twenty-first floor, with a great view of the river! We would first visit the largest Starbucks in the world nearby, explore the streets of Shanghai, eat dinner, then come back to enjoy the heated swimming pools on the roof of the hotel.

After seven days of traveling, it was time to go home. We had a great time on this trip and loved visiting Zhuhai and Shanghai! Mom has already made plans to visit again when the Zootopia area opens at Disneyland later this year 🙂

Here are some video clips of our trip. Just a bunch of goof balls goofing around 🙂

Clips from our Zhuhai / Shanghai trip






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