Video: Xi’an Surroundings

Made this video for family and friends to get a glimpse of my surroundings in Xi’an.  It wasn’t too hard to make, I just whipped out my camera whenever there’s something interesting to shoot or talk about.  Footage from 3 different days.






2 responses to “Video: Xi’an Surroundings”

  1. Benny Tan Avatar

    So nice of you shooting and sharing this video.Been to Xi’an couple of years back joining The Silk Road tour.Had a brief stopover at that time so missed the golden opportunity to walk around Xi’an city.
    I look forward to make another trip as a backpacker.


  2. Huey Avatar

    Thanks for watching Benny! Hopefully you get to come this way again. Feel free to send me an email ( if you have any questions about Xi’an 🙂

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